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Peers in Libraries 

Our Peers in Libraries program allows our Peer Services Specialists to actively engage with the community. Each library we work with has a peer that offers peer counseling, support, and referral services to individuals dealing with mental health and/or addiction challenges. They are well-versed in community resources related to housing, employment, medical, and mental health services. For the most part, they are there to help and offer an empathetic ear to those in need.



Libraries we serve:

Check out the King County Library System Foundation video to learn more about the range of community programs available at King County libraries and catch a glimpse of our library peers in action!

1111 110th Avenue NE

Bellevue, WA 98004

Bellevue library .jpeg

Bellevue Library Peer

facebok profile pic.jpg



Anthony was born and raised in Dallas, earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of North Texas. He struggled with mental health during his studies and became addicted to drugs and alcohol to avoid the trauma and abuse he endured for years as a child. His struggle with addiction led to him losing various jobs, living in his car, and eventually his arrest. Being incarcerated forced him to think about his decisions and allowed him to take advantage of all the resources that were offered to him. After his release, he started mental health counseling, moved to a transition home, and attended support groups where he found a sense of community and purpose.


Anthony is committed to serving others in recovery and being the person he needed when he was younger. Outside of peer work, you can catch him reading a book, jogging, or spending time with his friends. 

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Burien library.jpeg

400 SW 152nd Street

Burien, WA 98166

Burien Library Peer



River, originally from Seattle and primarily raised in Idaho, experienced the adventures of a military family, moving around to different places. As an Army brat, they have a passion for serving veterans, service members (regardless of discharge status), and their families. River has faced and overcome various challenges, including multiple visits to long- and short-term behavioral health facilities, transitional homes, and group homes. They were diagnosed as bipolar at a very young age, being so unstable they missed out on 6th-12th grade. Although this has brought them many challenges, they recognize that their journey has given them a deep understanding of mental health and a unique perspective as a neurodivergent individual. And for that, they are grateful. 

Outside of work, you will find River engaging in their many hobbies, searching for gifts from Earth (rocks, mainly), geeking out over YUNGBLUD, or really any other rock artist from all different eras. If you have time, ask them about their special interests! 


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1700 1st Street

Enumclaw, WA 98022

enumclaw library.jpeg

Enumclaw Library Peer


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Jill is a natural-born Washingtonian who enjoys the outdoors. As a youngling, she enjoyed the outside so much that she joined in any sport she could. But she struggled secretly with mental illness; making friends with others was difficult. In school, she was severely bullied to the point of trying to commit suicide several times up into her adulthood. It was always difficult for her family members to recognize the subtle signs. As a teen, she was wild, experienced homelessness, did many hard drugs, and partied.

As Jill aged into young adulthood, her mental illness didn't get any better because she was in an abusive relationship with two young children. She was not doing many drugs at this time, if any at all because she was always afraid of CPS and losing her children. In her mid-twenties, she got rid of her abusive boyfriend. Jill did many years in restaurant service, but the extreme environment was a challenge, especially with little support. After a while, she learned about peer support and knew she would do well in that area because she had to deal with most problems alone and always had to advocate for herself. She loves helping others and finds seeing others succeed in life is one of the greatest passions in the world. She went to class for CPC and volunteered her time to learn the ropes. Jill is happy-go-lucky and enjoys life to the max nowadays!


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Federal way library.png

34200 1st Way S

Federal Way, WA 98003

Federal Way Library Peer


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Secilia is the mother of two beautiful children and a huge puppy named Maru, the lights of her life. She believes it’s never too late to become the you that you are meant to be. Prior to becoming a CPC, she spent a lot of time doing customer service jobs, not knowing yet what she wanted to passionately do with her life. At a time when she was feeling lost, by pure chance, Secilia began an internship with Peer Kent. After becoming educated about what Peer Support is, Secilia began to realize the parts of her life she had thought were her weaknesses, had become her strengths. Recovery is possible, and she loves spreading that hope to others. 

Federal Way

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13718 Pacific Ave S

Tacoma, WA 98444

Parkland library.jpeg

Parkland Library Peer


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Levander was born in King County and was raised in Tacoma in the Hilltop neighborhood. He is a first-generation high school and university graduate. After a series of events leading to huge life changes, Levander began asking how he could make a difference in the world. Especially the new and bright world he entered when he started his recovery journey.

Lavender's vision is to hold hope for others seeking recovery. He values the diversity of recovery paths, as there are as many out there as there are people. Levander is an active member of his community and regularly volunteers in LGBTQ+ and crisis intervention spaces. He continually learns from and cares for others from a trauma and intersectionality-informed viewpoint.

As far as fun, Levander is devoted to his crafts. He enjoys bookbinding, decoupage, reading, crocheting, and anything multi-media. He considers himself a poet and a romantic above all else.


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Renton Library.png

100 Mill Avenue S

Renton, WA 98057

Renton Library Peer



Tony was born in Renton, WA, and lived in King County till the age of 10. At that time, his family of six moved to Sequim, WA, to get away from the city life and have a tranquil upbringing. Well, things don’t always end up as we planned. After having lost half his family in 2 years in different tragedies, he was repeatedly recycled in and out of the criminal justice system while, at the same time, battling substance abuse issues and homelessness. 

The many traumas and hardships he faced have empowered him with the strength to rebuild his life as he believes in leading by example and showing others that after losing so much, there is still LOVE. Tony saw the power of peer support, and with the encouragement of people around him, he became a CPC, then a recovery coach. The journey Tony experienced created the kind, loving, and happy person he is today while providing him the passion for assisting others on their path to healing. 


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