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Family Navigator

Peer Kent's mission is to serve all those impacted by behavioral health challenges. We often only think of the individual living with these challenges when it comes to services and support, but the reality is that these chronic conditions impact the individual and all those who love them.


Whether we are referencing blood family, married family, or family of choice, the impact on our loved ones is both significant and woefully under-recognized and underserved. Peer Kent knows that support for the family during times of behavioral health struggles is as important to the individual struggling as it is for their loved ones and we are here to support those family members too. We do that in the same tradition of peer support in that we train families with lived experience of having a loved one with a behavioral health condition and train them to work with other families struggling through these same issues. We utilize our core concepts of non-judgmental listening, relevant self sharing, and resource connections thru peer coaching, support groups, training, education, and development opportunities.

If you have a loved one struggling with behavioral health challenges, just know you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to support you through this difficult journey.

If you are interested in contacting our Family Navigator the first step is to click the button below and fill out our general intake form:

Have any feedback regarding this service? Please feel free to fill out our anonymous survey:

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